5 KM Eggs (Pokémon List)

Want to know what Pokémon can hatch from the egg with 5 KM distance? Wondering how many miles you should walk to hatch 5 KM egg? Please find all 5 KM Egg Pokémon as well as other details below.

5 KM Eggs

Number Pokémon Type Egg (KM)
#023 ekans pokemon go Ekans Poison 5 KM Egg
#027 sandshrew pokemon go Sandshrew Ground 5 KM Egg
#029 nidoran-female pokemon go Nidoran Female Poison 5 KM Egg
#032 nidoran-male pokemon go Nidoran Male Poison 5 KM Egg
#037 vulpix pokemon go Vulpix Fire 5 KM Egg
#043 oddish pokemon go Oddish Grass Poison 5 KM Egg
#046 paras pokemon go Paras Bug Grass 5 KM Egg
#048 venonat pokemon go Venonat Bug Poison 5 KM Egg
#050 diglett pokemon go Diglett Ground 5 KM Egg
#052 meowth pokemon go Meowth Normal 5 KM Egg
#054 psyduck pokemon go Psyduck Water 5 KM Egg
#056 mankey pokemon go Mankey Fighting 5 KM Egg
#058 growlithe pokemon go Growlithe Fire 5 KM Egg
#060 poliwag pokemon go Poliwag Water 5 KM Egg
#063 abra pokemon go Abra Psychic 5 KM Egg
#066 machop pokemon go Machop Fighting 5 KM Egg
#069 bellsprout pokemon go Bellsprout Grass Poison 5 KM Egg
#072 tentacool pokemon go Tentacool Water Poison 5 KM Egg
#077 ponyta pokemon go Ponyta Fire 5 KM Egg
#079 slowpoke pokemon go Slowpoke Water Psychic 5 KM Egg
#081 magnemite pokemon go Magnemite Electric Steel 5 KM Egg
#083 farfetchd pokemon go Farfetchd Normal Flying 5 KM Egg
#084 doduo pokemon go Doduo Normal Flying 5 KM Egg
#086 seel pokemon go Seel Water 5 KM Egg
#088 grimer pokemon go Grimer Poison 5 KM Egg
#090 shellder pokemon go Shellder Water 5 KM Egg
#092 gastly pokemon go Gastly Ghost Poison 5 KM Egg
#096 drowzee pokemon go Drowzee Psychic 5 KM Egg
#098 krabby pokemon go Krabby Water 5 KM Egg
#100 voltorb pokemon go Voltorb Electric 5 KM Egg
#102 exeggcute pokemon go Exeggcute Grass Psychic 5 KM Egg
#104 cubone pokemon go Cubone Ground 5 KM Egg
#108 lickitung pokemon go Lickitung Normal 5 KM Egg
#109 koffing pokemon go Koffing Poison 5 KM Egg
#111 rhyhorn pokemon go Rhyhorn Ground Rock 5 KM Egg
#114 tangela pokemon go Tangela Grass 5 KM Egg
#115 kangaskhan pokemon go Kangaskhan Normal 5 KM Egg
#116 horsea pokemon go Horsea Water 5 KM Egg
#118 goldeen pokemon go Goldeen Water 5 KM Egg
#120 staryu pokemon go Staryu Water 5 KM Egg
#128 tauros pokemon go Tauros Normal 5 KM Egg
#137 porygon pokemon go Porygon Normal 5 KM Egg
5 KM Eggs Pokemon List

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5 KM to Miles

Pokémon Go developers want all players to get out of their homes and explore the world around them, while catching and training their Pokémon alongside. Pokémon Go egg hatching feature is an ideal tool to reach this goal as trainers have to walk 2, 5 and 10 KM distance for their eggs to hatch. Are you wondering how to convert 5 KM to Miles? Here's an answer:

1 KM is equal to 0.62 Miles so 5 KM = 3.1 Miles

You can also check 2 KM to Miles and 10 KM to Miles.