grimer pokemon go

Grimer's sludgy and rubbery body can be forced through any opening, however small it may be. This Pokémon enters sewer pipes to drink filthy wastewater.

General Details and Stats

General Details
Name Grimer
Type Poison
Number #088
Height (m) 0,90
Weight (kg) 30,00
Rarity Super Rare
Pokémon Stats
Max CP 1284
Max HP 138
Base Stamina 160
Base Attack 124
Base Defense 110
Base Capture Rate 40%
Base Flee Rate 10%

Grimer Moveset

Quick Moves Charge Moves
Acid Sludge
Mud Slap Mud Bomb
- Sludge Bomb

Grimer Evolution

Grimer Evolution Requirements
Candies to Evolve 50
Egg Distance to Hatch 5 km

You can use our Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator to calculate how much Combat Power (CP) your Pokémon will gain when it evolves.

Grimer Spawn Locations

Wondering where to find Grimer while playing Pokémon GO? Want to know Grimer Spawn locations? Pokémon GO players are reporting higher Grimer spawn rates near industrial areas. Please contribute to our community by adding Grimer nests in the comments section below.

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Hippo Potamus
Can’t find any Grimer in Westborough, Massachusetts.
Tiny rawr
We need grimers/muk in central Florida
There needs to be more available in the wild to be able to catch them if it’s going to be on the field research. I’ve never seen one and haven’t had the luck to hatch one either.
Never seen one in the wild and have only gotten one in an egg so far
Please add more nest in cantonment florida
Maggie garner
Griners are ao rare in Fort Smith, ARkansas
Big Dick
Lil Richard. Ah jk bitches find em at your local curio shop
Found 2 at the Iowa 80 truck stop while it was cloudy overcast after a snow fall and light rain.
Pick n save parking lot and Hardee’s Parking lot— that’s it.
Little Asian Girl
Suck My Ass
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