cubone pokemon go

Cubone pines for the mother it will never see again. Seeing a likeness of its mother in the full moon, it cries. The stains on the skull the Pokémon wears are made by the tears it sheds.

General Details and Stats

General Details
Name Cubone
Type Ground
Number #104
Height (m) 0,40
Weight (kg) 6,50
Rarity Rare
Pokémon Stats
Max CP 1007
Max HP 90
Base Stamina 100
Base Attack 102
Base Defense 150
Base Capture Rate 32%
Base Flee Rate 10%

Cubone Moveset

Quick Moves Charge Moves
Mud Slap Bone Club
Rock Smash Dig
- Bulldoze

Cubone Evolution

Cubone Evolution Requirements
Candies to Evolve 50
Egg Distance to Hatch 5 km

You can use our Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator to calculate how much Combat Power (CP) your Pokémon will gain when it evolves.

Cubone Spawn Locations

Wondering where to find Cubone while playing Pokémon GO? Want to know Cubone Spawn locations? Pokémon GO players are reporting higher Cubone spawn rates near parks, parkings and other open areas. Please contribute to our community by adding Cubone nests in the comments section below.

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So Marowak popped up for me today and cleared that challenge… but now it’s asking for Pokémon that was abundant in July and where now, none of them are spawning… is this a cruel joke?
I just wanted to let you all know that Cubone is out in about now…. Someone beat me to it 😆! Happy hunting….training
-33.858923,151.215299 Cubone spawning now
Cubone location right now he is in sydney 33.86211996,151.20113704 cord
Hi David and LeilanieT I will add… I have a friend look for cubone…. Would it work if you traded it or does it have to be caught?
Added you leilanieT. Cantab74 from Detroit! Anyone can add me If they want to get to be Best Friends vis gift exchange and RAIDs. Easy way to get XP. I am 7166 2379 5719!
Wishing you would bring back cubone and Landorus just for one week, even 1 day. Please
I have been sitting on an aerodactyl in my field tasks waiting for this damn cubone
This meltan task is stressing me out been sitting on this for more than two months Need to find a CUBONE!!!!!!
Using spoofing and extreme detailed pokemon finder what show pokemons location from whole world and it seems that 0 spawn right now
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