magnemite pokemon go

Magnemite attaches itself to power lines to feed on electricity. If your house has a power outage, check your circuit breakers. You may find a large number of this Pokémon clinging to the breaker box.

General Details and Stats

General Details
Name Magnemite
Type Electric Steel
Number #081
Height (m) 0,30
Weight (kg) 6,00
Rarity Rare
Pokémon Stats
Max CP 891
Max HP 51
Base Stamina 50
Base Attack 128
Base Defense 138
Base Capture Rate 40%
Base Flee Rate 10%

Magnemite Moveset

Quick Moves Charge Moves
Spark Discharge
Thunder Shock Magnet Bomb
- Thunderbolt

Magnemite Evolution

Magnemite Evolution Requirements
Candies to Evolve 50
Egg Distance to Hatch 5 km

You can use our Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator to calculate how much Combat Power (CP) your Pokémon will gain when it evolves.

Magnemite Spawn Locations

Wondering where to find Magnemite while playing Pokémon GO? Want to know Magnemite Spawn locations? Pokémon GO players are reporting higher Magnemite spawn rates near universities, schools, industrial parks and commercial districs. Please contribute to our community by adding Magnemite nests in the comments section below.

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I think nobody like’s to build a magnemite at home cauls it will make A power outage.
Atlantic City, NJ
Karen McK
I have caught at least 1000 Magnemite on the University of Saskatchewan campus near the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron Research Lab, which is no surprise as the facility is run on electromagnets. Check Synchrotron and Accelerator Labs around the world and you might find the same concentrations.
Gilberto Garza
In Playa del Carmen, (near Cancun, Mex) there are a lot of them.
Alcatraz theres a lot of them
Caitlyn M
Clearwater Beach, FL. They are everywhere! Was walking on the beach and down the shops and caught 25 in one hour alone!
David Kerezsi
Possible Nest at a Walmart in Rehoboth, Delaware. Caught 2 there within 20 minutes along with a voltorb
Shaun S
Nest in Hutchinson KS. Casey Park Golf Course