Pokémon Go Evolution CP Calculator

It has been a while since Pokémon Go got released and the vast majority of the trainers are starting to use one or another Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator (also known as CP calculator or Evolve calculator) to make better in game decisions. It allows Pokémon Go game players to calculate how much Combat Power (CP) each Pokémon gains when it evolves.

After analyzing hundreds of data sources and spreadsheets (1, 2, 3, 4), we have developed a really fast and easy to use Pokémon Go Evolution CP Calculator. You can easily find it on the top of this page and a short how to use guide in here. What is more, please find Minimum, Maximum and Average CP Multipliers as well as the number of Candies need for the evolution in the CP Multipliers table below.

Combat Power (CP) Multiplier Table

Want to find out how many Candies you will need to evolve your Pokémon or the exact Combat Power (CP) multiplier for each evolution? Please find the number of Candies as well as Minimum, Maximum and Average CP Multipliers in the table below.

No. Pokémon Candies Needed Min CP Multiplier Max CP Multiplier Avg CP Multiplier
1 Bulbasaur 25 1.53x 1.58x 1.555x
2 Ivysaur 100 1.2x 1.61x 1.405x
4 Charmander 25 1.64x 1.7x 1.67x
5 Charmeleon 100 1.71x 1.73x 1.72x
7 Squirtle 25 1.63x 1.66x 1.645x
8 Wartortle 100 1.4x 1.65x 1.525x
10 Caterpie 12 1.04x 1.08x 1.06x
11 Metapod 50 3.52x 3.79x 3.655x
13 Weedle 12 1.06x 1.1x 1.08x
14 Kakuna 50 3.3x 3.42x 3.36x
16 Pidgey 12 1.82x 1.95x 1.885x
17 Pidgeotto 50 1.73x 1.78x 1.755x
19 Rattata 25 2.61x 2.73x 2.67x
21 Spearow 50 2.58x 2.81x 2.695x
23 Ekans 50 2.2x 2.33x 2.265x
25 Pikachu 50 2.33x 2.38x 2.355x
27 Sandshrew 50 2.35x 2.76x 2.555x
29 Nidoran 25 1.62x 1.66x 1.64x
30 Nidorina 100 1.8x 2.04x 1.92x
32 Nidoran 25 1.65x 1.7x 1.675x
33 Nidorino 100 1.64x 1.86x 1.75x
35 Clefairy 50 2.02x 2.2x 2.11x
37 Vulpix 50 2.68x 2.74x 2.71x
39 Jigglypuff 50 2.41x 2.47x 2.44x
41 Zubat 50 2.9x 3.33x 3.115x
43 Oddish 25 1.48x 1.51x 1.495x
44 Gloom 100 1.48x 1.53x 1.505x
46 Paras 50 1.92x 2.02x 1.97x
48 Venonat 50 1.85x 1.9x 1.875x
50 Diglett 50 2.68x 2.77x 2.725x
52 Meowth 50 1.98x 2.24x 2.11x
54 Psyduck 50 2.22x 2.29x 2.255x
56 Mankey 50 2.15x 2.28x 2.215x
58 Growlithe 50 2.25x 2.36x 2.305x
60 Poliwag 25 1.72x 1.89x 1.805x
61 Poliwhirl 100 1.9x 1.96x 1.93x
63 Abra 25 1.36x 2x 1.68x
64 Kadabra 100 1.41x 1.65x 1.53x
66 Machop 25 1.62x 1.67x 1.645x
67 Machoke 100 1.48x 1.7x 1.59x
69 Bellsprout 25 1.54x 1.6x 1.57x
70 Weepinbell 100 1.47x 1.52x 1.495x
72 Tentacool 50 2.47x 2.6x 2.535x
74 Geodude 25 1.71x 1.76x 1.735x
75 Graveler 100 1.63x 1.72x 1.675x
77 Ponyta 50 1.47x 1.6x 1.535x
79 Slowpoke 50 2.19x 2.21x 2.2x
81 Magnemite 50 2.16x 2.2x 2.18x
84 Doduo 50 2.11x 2.24x 2.175x
86 Seel 50 1.96x 2.03x 1.995x
88 Grimer 50 2.03x 2.17x 2.1x
90 Shellder 50 2.62x 2.65x 2.635x
92 Gastly 25 1.75x 1.83x 1.79x
93 Haunter 100 1.53x 1.8x 1.665x
96 Drowzee 50 2.05x 2.11x 2.08x
98 Krabby 50 2.35x 2.4x 2.375x
100 Voltorb 50 2.01x 2.03x 2.02x
102 Exeggcute 50 2.7x 3.18x 2.94x
104 Cubone 50 1.65x 1.67x 1.66x
109 Koffing 50 1.95x 2.1x 2.025x
111 Rhyhorn 50 1.9x 1.91x 1.905x
116 Horsea 50 2.19x 2.23x 2.21x
118 Goldeen 50 2.14x 2.24x 2.19x
120 Staryu 50 2.35x 2.44x 2.395x
129 Magikarp 400 10.1x 11.96x 11.03x
134 Vaporeon - 2.62x 2.67x 2.645x
135 Jolteon - 2.01x 2.09x 2.05x
136 Flareon - 2.46x 2.64x 2.55x
138 Omanyte 50 1.99x 2.12x 2.055x
140 Kabuto 50 1.97x 2.37x 2.17x
147 Dratini 25 1.8x 1.85x 1.825x
148 Dragonair 100 2.03x 2.08x 2.055x

How to use Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator

We believe our Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator is really easy to use. On the other hand, it is always easy to provide a short how to use guide just in case someone have any doubts. So here it is:

  1. Choose Pokémon from the drop down list.
  2. Insert current Combat Power (CP).
  3. Press Evolve button and you will get the results.

It’s easy as that. Just in case you will have more questions about Pokémon Evolution or Evolution CP Calculation please leave them in the comment section below.

pokemon go evolution cp calculator

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How many Candies do I need for each Pokémon Evolution?
    It depends on the Pokémon you want to evolve. You can find the exact number of Candies needed in the CP Multipliers table.
  2. Does player level affect Combat Power (CP) multipliers?
    No, Pokémon Go player level does not affect the CP multipliers.
  3. Does Pokémon weight or height affect Combat Power (CP) multipliers?
    No, Pokémon weight or height does not affect the CP multipliers.
  4. Should I power up my Pokémon to the max before evolving it?
    We would recommend to power up your Pokémon after evolving.

Do you have any questions?


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