Psychic is a Psychic type move from the Charge Moves category.

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General Psychic Details

General Details
Name Psychic
Category Charge Moves
Type Psychic
Power (Damage) 55
Power (Damage) with STAB 68.75
DPS (Damage per Second) 19.64
DPS Damage per Second) with STAB 24.55
Energy -50
EPS (Energy per Second) -
Critical 0.05
Cooldown Time (Seconds) 2.8

Psychic Rankings

Move Rankings
Charge Moves DPS Rank #23
Overall DPS Rank #23

Pokémon Who Know Psychic Move

Here's a full list of Pokémon who know Psychic Move. We have also added Pokémon Type and Base Attack next to each Pokémon. It’s important to know Pokémon Type as Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) is only available if the Pokémon and the move are the same type. What is more, move deals damage based on Base Attack, the higher the Base attack, the more damage the Psychic move does.

Pokémon Type Base Attack
mewtwo pokemon go Mewtwo Psychic 284
exeggutor pokemon go Exeggutor Grass Psychic 232
mew pokemon go Mew Psychic 220
golduck pokemon go Golduck Water 194
alakazam pokemon go Alakazam Psychic 186
slowbro pokemon go Slowbro Water Psychic 184
clefable pokemon go Clefable Fairy 178
venomoth pokemon go Venomoth Bug Poison 172
hypno pokemon go Hypno Psychic 162
mr-mime pokemon go Mr Mime Psychic Fairy 154
butterfree pokemon go Butterfree Bug Flying 144
exeggcute pokemon go Exeggcute Grass Psychic 110
slowpoke pokemon go Slowpoke Water Psychic 110
drowzee pokemon go Drowzee Psychic 104
chansey pokemon go Chansey Normal 40

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