poliwrath pokemon go

Poliwrath's highly developed, brawny muscles never grow fatigued, however much it exercises. It is so tirelessly strong, this Pokémon can swim back and forth across the ocean without effort.

General Details and Stats

General Details
Name Poliwrath
Type Water Fighting
Number #062
Height (m) 1,30
Weight (kg) 54,00
Rarity Super Rare
Pokémon Stats
Max CP 2505
Max HP 154
Base Stamina 180
Base Attack 180
Base Defense 202
Base Capture Rate 10%
Base Flee Rate 5%

Poliwrath Moveset

Quick Moves Charge Moves
Bubble Hydro Pump
Mud Shot Submission
- Ice Punch

Poliwrath Evolution

Poliwrath Evolution Requirements
Candies to Evolve -
Egg Distance to Hatch -

You can use our Pokémon Go Evolution Calculator to calculate how much Combat Power (CP) your Pokémon will gain when it evolves.

Poliwrath Spawn Locations

Wondering where to find Poliwrath while playing Pokémon GO? Want to know Poliwrath Spawn locations? Pokémon GO players are reporting higher Poliwrath spawn rates near rivers, lakes, oceans, harbors and canals . Please contribute to our community by adding Poliwrath nests in the comments section below.

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Alex holt
I need a poliwrath for my gen 1 Pokédex I’m so close I need poliwrath moltrez zapdose and dragonite
Graeme larsen
trying to catch one because its OP
Ishan khan
So verry strong
Abdullah saddiq
They should make poliwrath nests
Malek Elnaggar
I love Pokémon go